Collective Sublime

Central Saint Martins Postgraduate Exhibition 2024 – MA Fine Art

“Collective Sublime” is an interdisciplinary examination of identity, liminality and community within London’s contemporary Queer Rave Scene. 

Through the merging of literal documentation and poetic expression, this series deconstructs the rave experience, illuminating its subtle psychological, social and spiritual dimensions.

Holistically, these works are expressions of escapism and rebellion, capturing intimate moments of liberation from oppressive social constructs through individual expression, ritualistic embodied movement and states of transpersonal awareness.  Each piece functions as a relic, crystallising the subculture in time, imbued with the artist’s personal relationship to it.

Collective Sublime (Moving Image, 5 minutes 28 seconds, 2024)
Sublimation (Moving Image, 7 minutes 11 seconds, 2024) featuring Tobias Iriah.
Clouds At Night (suede print on wooden panel, 2024) £1400
Nightscape I (oil on canvas, 220x110cm, 2024) £3000
Nightscape II (oil on canvas, 220x110cm, 2024) £3000
Relic (oil and sheet metal on concrete and wood, 2024) £5000
Relic (detail)
Ravers (ink drawing on metal, 2024) £1800
Ravers (detail)